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Error “A table in this document has become corrupt”

January 7th, 2011 admin

If you open a word document, you may one day be faced with the error “A table in this document has become corrupt”.

There is however a simple fix for this.

From the File menu, select “open”.   In the open dialog box, select the document and then select “Open and Repair” using the drop down list next to the Open button.

This should repair the document and give you a report on what has been fixed.   You can then save the document to make the repair permanent.

Compress Large Word Documents

June 30th, 2010 admin

I’ve just had a client approach me with a 60MB word document with only a few pages in it!   It turns out that the document had a lot of high-res photos in it.    

The photos didn’t need to be high res, so I started looking at how to convert them.   As there were so many I didn’t really want to export each image, compress it and then import it again.

I then found that there’s an easy way to compress all images in a document from within Word!  

In Word 2007, select the Format Tab, and then there’s a “Compress Pictures” option.   You can then apply this to a single picture or to all pictures.

The document size went from 60MB to 900KB – a huge difference!

Can’t click in a Word window?

July 16th, 2009 admin

Strange one this one!   Looks like there’s an MS update that causes problems with Word 2007.   The symptom this time was that you can’t click anywhere in a Word window – although everything else seemed to work ok?

Turns out – to fix it, you need to remove/rename the following registry key:


This is documented in KB 940791: