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Vodafone Issues Q&A on Network Outage

February 28th, 2011 admin

Following the network outage this morning caused by a break in at a Basingstoke IT facility, Vodafone have issued the following Q&A response to the problem:

Q & A

What has happened?

We had a break in last night at one of our technical facilities which resulted in damage to some of our equipment.

Can you confirm this happened in Basingstoke?


When did it happen?

It happened between 1.00am and 2.00am this morning.  Our network control centre was immediately alerted as were the police.

What was stolen?

Some specialist network equipment and IT hardware was stolen. 

Which areas are customers affected?

Loss of service is mainly confined to parts of the M4 corridor and some areas either side.

How many customers are affected?

Several hundred thousand customers may have been affected.

Is it true up to 4 million customers have been affected?

That figure is grossly exaggerated – several hundred thousand may have been affected. We have over 19 million customers. 

When will services be restored?

Voice services are now largely back up and running and we expect to be back to normal this afternoon.

How many other facilities does Vodafone have like this in the UK?

We have other similar sites but are not sharing details of these for commercial reasons.

Have you experienced anything like this in the past?

Nothing of this nature.

What security measures have you put in place for other similar sites?

All our sites are protected by high level security systems – we’re reviewing these with the police in the light of last night’s break in.



You can see using our Seek A Tweet app that the damage does in fact appear to have mainly affected users around the M4 corridor region of the country:


Using Seek A Tweet Drive New Business via Twitter

February 7th, 2011 admin


Seek A Tweet

If you haven’t tried Seek A Tweet yet, its a tool which combines Twitter Search with Google maps.  


By clicking on the map, you can instantly see the 100 most recent tweets from anywhere in the world.

For personal interest, this is a good way of meeting people in an area – maybe somewhere you’ll soon be travelling, or just those close to home?



Find customers on Twitter

However the app can also be used for finding new business too!

The control panel which appears when you click on the map has a “filter” option.    This allows you to only search for tweets containing specific words.


So for example, imagine you’re a plumber.    Click on your location and filter on the word “plumber”.    Now you’ll see all tweets in your area relating to the word “plumber”.    Chances are you’ll now find someone who’s looking for a local plumber – and here’s your chance to step in and promote your services!


Here’s an example of a Tweet I just found in the London area:



There’s even a slider to change the distance you’re willing to travel (though you’re unlikely to want a 1000km radius for plumbing work unless you can charge mileage"!).



So why not give it a try now and see if you can find new customers on Twitter right now!?

Using Seek A Tweet to replicate the UKSnow app

January 27th, 2011 admin

If you’re in the UK and are a Twitter user, you’ve probably seen and used Ben Marsh’s UK Snow app


The application looks through the twitter stream to find mentions of the hashtag #uksnow and places them on a map.

Did you know you can do similar with our Seek A Tweet app though?

Simply visit, place the marker in the centre of the UK, extend the range to cover the UK and filter on the word uksnow!


Hey presto – you can see where in the UK it’s currently snowing: