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Repeated Requests to Download ADSAdClient31

April 17th, 2012 admin

Are you seeing repeated pop-up windows asking you to download a file called ADSAClient31?   Same here – I’ve had a number of pop-ups appear over the last couple of days?


It appears we’re not alone!   The culprit seems to be Microsoft Messenger which is causing the errant download messages due to problems with some adverts.  

You can cancel the download of ADSAdClient31, however the downloads appear quite often, so until Microsoft fix the problem we have a work around which helps you block the adverts from a previous blog post:

Block Windows Live Messenger 2011 Pop-Up Window

Windows Live Messenger Showing All Contacts Offline?

August 2nd, 2011 admin

For a while this morning, I found that all my Windows Live Messenger contacts were showing as offline.    I checked the Messenger Status page and all looked ok?   Searched Google and Twitter for others with similar problems, but no, alas it appeared it was just me?

Was everyone ignoring me?  I tried restarting messenger a few times, but each time I signed in – everyone was still offline?

I then noticed that the fans were kicking in on my laptop – a sure sign that something was hitting the CPU, so I brought up task manager.    The task at the top – wlcomm*32.exe (note: it’s a 64 bit machine).     Killing this process caused Messenger to re-log in, and yes, all of my contacts were available again!

Block Windows Live Messenger 2011 Pop-Up Window

November 8th, 2010 admin

A few people have reported the same problem to me recently – several times a day, Internet Explorer will pop up a new window with a link to :

Not only is this annoying if you haven’t updated to 2011 yet, but it also seems to be popping up for people who have already installed Messenger 2011!

There are a number of people reporting the same problem over at the Microsoft forums:




One of the suggested solutions is the following:

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • double-click on Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab and click on Restricted sites
  • click on the Sites button below and add to the zone.

I doubt this will help if IE isn’t your default browser however, so an alternative solution is to add the following to your hosts file