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Facebook Deals

April 7th, 2011 admin

Yesterday Robert Scoble tweeted that he’d been invited to a press conference with Facebook:


The rumours started circulating that this may be an attempt by facebook to integrate a Groupon style system which they’re going to call “Facebook Deals”?

Well, this morning I found confirmation of this – direct from Facebook:


A holding page on the Facebook site announces that Facebook Deals is in fact coming and will be a way to find restaurants, shows and “group activities” to share with friends:


You’ll be able to find check-in deals using iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 and by integrating with Bing maps, you can use the service to find deals near you.



Stay tuned for more information following the press conference!

Google Planning “Facebook Killer”?

June 29th, 2010 admin

Several sources are now rumouring that Google is planning an alternative social network – supposed to be a “Facebook Killer”.

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg recently tweeted that Google is building a “Google Me” service to compete with Facebook.


This would be a huge move by Google and would take a lot to win over a lot of the seasoned Facebook users, but with the consumer confidence and a strong technical lead behind them maybe they can do it.

With Facebook recently topping the chart for the most popular website in the US, there’s obviously a reason for Google to step up to the plate and have a go at competing.

Details are still scarce, however the former CTO of Facebook Adam D’Angelo stated on his site that there are many people working on the project.

With the recent anger over privacy settings on Facebook, you have to wonder if Google are pushing to get this release soon to take advantage of the situation?

Google Insights Highlight Increasing Interest in Deleting Facebook Accounts

May 18th, 2010 admin

The graph says it all really – looks like 2010 is the year that Facebook privacy concerns have prompted people to close down their Facebook accounts.

It’ll be interesting to see how Facebook respond to this and whether they’ll reverse some of their recent privacy moves.


See our other article for further information on how to delete your facebook account.