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Backup Exec Cleaning Job Stuck on Queued

June 26th, 2012 admin

Here’s a bizarre simple little fix!    I’ve had a server which kept getting stuck on “Queued” when manually running a cleaning job.   To get the jobs running again I had to either reboot the server or restart the Backup Exec services.

To get around this, go into devices, right click on the server and select “Paused”.    Do the same and unselect “Paused” and the cleaning job should spring to life!

Slow Backups with Backup Exec 12.5 and Trend Micro Anti-Virus – SOLVED!

December 8th, 2010 admin


Slow Backups

For a while now I’ve been trying to resolve some slow backup jobs we’ve been having while using Symantec Backup Exec 12.5.   

Jobs which previously ran at over 1,000MB per min were now running at under half that rate.   The jobs were using a Dell PowerVault PV124T library with an LTO3 drive, so rates should be much higher than a few hundred MB per min?


Debugging the Problem

With no errors shown on either the backup server, or the server being backed up (for example a standard Windows Storage Server 2003 machine), everything looked fine, however backups weren’t completed within their allocated time slots?

Other jobs (especially a large Exchange store backup) were showing high throughput, so this ruled out a potential tape drive/SCSI problem.   Still, I made sure all drivers, Tape, SCSI controller, Autoloader,etc. were up to date, along with all firmware.   Still the same…

Applying SP4 to Backup Exec made no difference either (though still good practice, so worth doing).


The Solution

Clutching at straws, I tried a search for Backup Exec, along with our Anti Virus software “Trend Micro”.   From previous experience, I’ve found AV and Backup software (even from the same vendor!) doesn’t always play nicely together.    This was when I found the following article:

We’re using Backup Exec 12.5 with Trend Micro OfficeScan 12.5.

Kinda hits the nail on the head doesn’t it!

Now the first hurdle was that the path given in the registry didn’t exist:


So I did a search for RmSysEventDebugFlags..

As this machine was a 64bit install, the key appeared under:



Now the article suggested stopping the TMBMSRV service, making the registry and rebooting each machine.   The first problem here is that there isn’t a TMBMSRV service (maybe this is for the worry free version of Trend Micro).    The second problem is that I didn’t like the idea of rebooting all of our production servers!

So instead, I clicked on the OfficeScan icon, and selected unload Officescan.   This shuts down all OfficeScan services and temporarily disables the AV protection.    I made the registry change and started the AV protection again.

After running a test job, the rates were back up where they should be once again – if anything faster than ever due to all the driver/firmware updates!

Backup Exec – Physical Volume Library Robot Not Found – FIXED

March 11th, 2010 admin

If you receive this message in Symantec Backup Exec and the library goes offline – the following fix worked for me:

1. Right click on the tape drive – uncheck enable.
2. Right click again – select delete.
3. Right click on the library – uncheck enable
4. Right click again – select delete.
5. Restart all Backup Exec Services

To delete the drives I had to point existing jobs to a different device, so I created a temp backup to disk device.